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Unific Energy Moisturizer

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One of our original products, Unific Energy Moisturizer with TNC (Topical Nutrition Complex) is a rinse out moisturizing conditioner that repairs, strengthens and rehydrates the hair. Although it may be used daily on all hair types this product is formulated to control the loss of strength and moisture when used on natural hair. It is known everywhere as “the minty, green stuff", because of the cooling, tingling sensation experienced when the product is applied to the hair. This stimulating, moisturizing treatment brings blood to the surface of the scalp to nourish and cleanse hair follicles, and align the cuticle layer of the hair. By infusing the hair with hydrolyzed marine collagen protein and other essential moisturizers, resilience and elasticity are greatly increased resulting in healthy, shiny, and easy to manage hair. A multi-use product Unific Energy Moisturizer is not only a great hair conditioner, it may also be used as a shave cream and provides cooling relief from sunburn and curling iron mishaps. This multiplicity makes it a perfect vacation companion when partnered with Ecollogen Shampoo.

Posted Aug 3rd 2017 by Gracie's Mom

This is the best conditioner- it makes my hair shiny and soft without making it go flat. And it looks and feels so healthy! My hair was looking dull and dry and now I get compliments on how good it looks. Plus it smells great! I use it along with the Ecollogen Shampoo.

Best conditioner ever
Posted May 23rd 2017 by Burke Franklin

I've tried a lot of conditioners over the years -- the big-box store bought conditioners almost killed my hair, but I came back to this one and my hair feels and looks better than ever! I'm 60 and still have young-looking hair! Yay!

Tri Unific Energy Moisturizer
Posted May 6th 2017 by Karen

Love this conditioner! Leaves my hair shiny and thick. Also doesn't break my face out like other conditioners do. I love the minty fresh smell and feel but I also love that it fades away. I don't want it to compete with my fragrance.

TRI Unific Energy Moisturizer
Posted Apr 11th 2017 by Barbara

Great product! I'm so happy to have found TRI again. It produces wonderful volume, especially to thin hair and you get to enjoy the fresh feeling of energy in your hair and scent of mint all day long.

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Unific Energy Moisturizer
Unific Energy Moisturizer