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Unific Energy Moisturizer

TRI Haircare

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Unific Energy Moisturizer

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One of our original products, Unific Energy Moisturizer with TNC (Topical Nutrition Complex) is a rinse out moisturizing conditioner that repairs, strengthens and rehydrates the hair. Although it may be used daily on all hair types this product is formulated to control the loss of strength and moisture when used on natural hair. It is known everywhere as “the minty, green stuff", because of the cooling, tingling sensation experienced when the product is applied to the hair. This stimulating, moisturizing treatment brings blood to the surface of the scalp to nourish and cleanse hair follicles, and align the cuticle layer of the hair. By infusing the hair with hydrolyzed marine collagen protein and other essential moisturizers, resilience and elasticity are greatly increased resulting in healthy, shiny, and easy to manage hair. A multi-use product Unific Energy Moisturizer is not only a great hair conditioner, it may also be used as a shave cream and provides cooling relief from sunburn and curling iron mishaps. This multiplicity makes it a perfect vacation companion when partnered with Ecollogen Shampoo. Made in the U.S.A.

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Customer Reviews

43 reviews were posted for Unific Energy Moisturizer

So glad it's back!

Posted January 24th 2020 by Marlasan

I've been using this product for about 30 years and nothing keeps my baby fine hair silky smooth without weighing it down like this stuff. So glad it's available again.

My favorite product

Posted October 06th 2019 by Jess

Been trying to get more for months! Please restock soon !!!


Posted September 26th 2019 by MAGS

By far the best conditioner I've ever used. Please bring it back soon!!!

How do I get more of this?

Posted September 17th 2019 by Marlasan

I've been using this product since the mid 80's and I am never without it. Finding it has always been the problem and here I am again unable to buy it even from you folks. Is it gone for good? Coming back? Please make it available again!

Excellent Conditioner!!!

Posted September 12th 2019 by I need this!!

I have used this product for about 25 years. I am allergic to most of the stuff out there and your product has always worked great for me. PLEASE don't discontinue this Moisturizer.


Posted September 02nd 2019 by Val

I’ve used this conditioner for decades and it is the best there is. Not heavy, feels and smells great. Please, restock soon!

Unific energy moisturizer

Posted August 30th 2019 by Jess

When will this be back in stock????? I need more !


Posted August 27th 2019 by tina

I have used this product ( along with your ecollogen shampoo ) for thirty years. I sincerely hope you haven't discontinued it. it is a very necessary part of my hair care regimen. PLEASE RESTOCK SOON !!

Best Ever

Posted August 24th 2019 by Janie

Please tell us when this product will be available. I'm desperate. I don't want to use any other conditioner. This is the best product ever!


Posted August 21st 2019 by Carla

I have used this for 35 years along with your other original products that seem to be disappearing one by one... SO SAD!!

NEEDED ASAP - Unific Energy Moisturizer - We miss you so much!!

Posted August 20th 2019 by Sheila

When will our wonderful Unific Energy Moisturizer be back in stock?
We have been using it since the early '90's!
There is nothing else like it! We love it!
Our hair is not the same without it.
If it is not being brought back, what other product is just like it, is available in your line??

excellent product

Posted August 19th 2019 by wonderful

Have been using this for years & need more. Will you be restocking it soon?

I have used the moisturizer for over 30 years, couldn't live without it! Hope you will soon have it in stock!

Posted August 05th 2019 by Dotty

I have used this moisturizer for over 30 years, couldn't live without it!! Please restock asap!

When will it be back??

Posted July 19th 2019 by Katrina

I have been using this product as long as I can remember. (Since I was a young girl). This is the only product I consistently have used with success on my hair. Why can we no longer get it???

Best Conditioner I've Used by a HUGE margin

Posted July 11th 2019 by DS

Nothing else comes close. Once I was turned on to this by my stylist years ago, I have not considered any other. Please bring this back!!!

Outstanding product

Posted June 19th 2019 by Janie

I have used this product for 41 years. Best conditioner ever whether my hair was permed and/or color treated, which it still is. Would not use any other product!

Want to order but has been out of stock every time I come to site.

Posted June 10th 2019 by Vicki

Have used this product for 40+ years. I have been trying to order it for several months and has been out of stock. Hope it is available soon, I will be out. I order the large size because no one carries TRI in Great Falls that I can find (I agree with Dale Y, would be nice if available somewhere in Great Falls!) I love this product!!

Easily the finest conditioner there is!

Posted May 20th 2019 by Bobby

This product has been in our regular haircare regimen for many years. It is by far the best conditioner I've ever used. Please restock soon!

Unific Energy Moisturizer

Posted May 18th 2019 by Dale Y.

This is an amazing product that I have used for over 30 years... just wish some of the supply shops in Great Falls would carry it. I would recommend this product to anybody with any hair type. It is amazing

I Want This!

Posted May 09th 2019 by MissKittyFantastico

How can I purchase this longtime fave? I miss it so much. Ahh, that smell. Please restock!

Excellent conditioner!

Posted May 03rd 2019 by ls

I, also, have used this for many years. I only get your shampoo because it goes with the conditioner, which is absolutely excellent!

Long time user ~ please do not discontinue!

Posted April 28th 2019 by DMEKut

I, also, have been using this product for over 30 years! Please do not discontinue ~ it is by far the best conditioner that I have every used! When will it be back in stock? Thanks so much ~

Need This-Out of Stock

Posted April 23rd 2019 by LM

Please do not discontinue Unific Energy Moisturizer!!!

Tried and true

Posted March 19th 2019 by Meghan A. Payne

I started using this 30 years ago. From time to time I return to this product for it's stimulating properties. Since it was developed by the institute of tricology, it must be good for the scalp and hair. And it is

Nice hair conditioner!

Posted March 19th 2019 by RH

This conditioner has been around for years and is still a favorite. It definitely moisturizes without making the hair limp. Tri conditioner smells wonderfully minty and clean.

Five Stars

Posted March 19th 2019 by Betty A.

This is great for your hair and have used it for years


Posted March 19th 2019 by D. Getz

Love this minty stuff. It's my favorite.

Tri Sculpting Cream

Posted March 19th 2019 by R. Cary

I have used this cream for years. I love the consistency as it allows me to give 3 dimensional sculpt to my hair and holds w/o looking greasy or matted.

the best

Posted March 19th 2019 by Catherine

I've been using this product for over 15 years and my hair has remained soft, manageable and healthy. I hope to never have to go without it.

Favorite scalp conditioner

Posted February 28th 2019 by Joni P

Love this stuff more as a skin or scalp soother than hair conditioner. Very minty and tingly.

Tri products are good stuff

Posted February 28th 2019 by Allison Anderson

This has worked really well in the past so I have purchased it again. It was recommended to me by an older hair stylist who carries this Tri brand. I will continue to use. It got rid of my scalp's itch which was not dandruff, and I think the minty tingling agent helps my hair grow better/faster.

Excellent Product!

Posted February 28th 2019 by Monique

I used this product 30 years ago and stopped because I couldn’t find it in Atlanta. I bought it last week on Amazon and I’m so happy. I forgot how good it smells, makes your hairy shiny and bouncy. I have baby fine hair and it makes it look full!

Wonderful for hair and face!!!

Posted February 28th 2019 by C Freilich

I absolutely love this moisturizing treatment. I have used it for many years with great results. Years ago I was told by my hairdresser that this works wonderfully as a moisturizer for the face and indeed it does. I put it on my face when I moisturize my hair and it tingles and after a few minutes I rinse it off and my face feels so wonderful. Give it a try - I think you'll love it!


Posted February 28th 2019 by SJ

I read all the reviews before purchasing this product and I was more than happy to buy it myself. I used this product after shampooing my hair and it's very thick and creamy. I do like that about a product. Having a watery product doesn't always work well for my hair.

Thick and Creamy
Tingling feeling after you rinse
Smells very nice
The tube is much bigger than the picture.
Good amount for the price.

Awesome for Curls!!

Posted January 17th 2019 by Green Minty Leave In Conditioner

I have very curly hair and nothing beats this conditioner. It leaves my hair moist and allows the curls to come together naturally. I have been using it for about 30 years. Please never hair wouldn't know what to do...

will never use anything else!

Posted November 02nd 2018 by cathy

I've been using this for about 15 maybe 20 years. My hair is always soft and manageable. I will never use anything else. Please don't ever go out of business!!

From a man's perspective

Posted October 25th 2018 by Joe

Not only is the "green minty stuff" a great hair conditioner, but as a man, I'm here to say that I've been using this product as a shave cream for many, many, years! My face pleasantly tingles as soon as I apply it, and I get such a great close shave! To the point that my female friends tell me that my face is smoother and softer than when they shave their legs! Great product, and my face is so used to this product that if I try another shave cream, my face breaks out! It pairs very well with the Ecollogen Shampoo by the way!

it's a winner

Posted October 15th 2018 by Debbi

Love this conditioner! It does exactly what it should.

it's a winner

Posted October 15th 2018 by Debbi

Love this conditioner! It does exactly what it should.


Posted August 03rd 2017 by Gracie's Mom

This is the best conditioner- it makes my hair shiny and soft without making it go flat. And it looks and feels so healthy! My hair was looking dull and dry and now I get compliments on how good it looks. Plus it smells great! I use it along with the Ecollogen Shampoo.

Best conditioner ever

Posted May 23rd 2017 by Burke Franklin

I've tried a lot of conditioners over the years -- the big-box store bought conditioners almost killed my hair, but I came back to this one and my hair feels and looks better than ever! I'm 60 and still have young-looking hair! Yay!

Love this conditioner!

Posted May 06th 2017 by Karen

Leaves my hair shiny and thick. Also doesn't break my face out like other conditioners do. I love the minty fresh smell and feel but I also love that it fades away. I don't want it to compete with my fragrance.

TRI Unific Energy Moisturizer

Posted April 11th 2017 by Barbara

Great product! I'm so happy to have found TRI again. It produces wonderful volume, especially to thin hair and you get to enjoy the fresh feeling of energy in your hair and scent of mint all day long.

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