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The Future

Virtually every facet of TRI is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, and from this comes a genuine feeling of integrity and unusual pride in our products, our services, and ourselves. We will continue to go beyond excellence to provide you with the best products available anywhere.

The finest salons use the finest products for a very good reason...the finest results. Serving as a leader in the salon industry for over twenty-five years, we at TRI Professional Haircare Products understand the need to provide exceptional haircare products. And our on-going interest in continued research and development are stepping stones towards the brightest future imaginable...


A Future With TRI?

TRI Professional Haircare Products is now accepting applications for qualified Salon Advisors and for Professional Educators.
If you have the motivation and love quality products, fax your resume or inquiry to 562-926-7363 or Email it to education@trihaircare.com "Attention Education Dept."