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Leave In Reconstructor

TRI Haircare

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Leave In Reconstructor

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The convenient TRIDESIGN Leave-in Reconstructor spray instantly repairs, strengthens, detangles, and moisturizes without weighing hair down or interfering with styling aids. TRIDESIGN Leave-in Reconstructor contains our exclusive Seek and Repair technology that delivers moisturizers, conditioners, and strengtheners right where they're needed most. Unlike other daily conditioners, it bonds essential ingredients to weak and damaged areas, so they become part of the hair's new, ideally balanced structure. A built-in multifunctional, heat-activated, thermal protector seals the cuticle, locking in beneficial ingredients and enhancing shine, while shielding the hair against damage from heat styling and protecting hair color from fading. Made in the U.S.A.


Customer Reviews

25 reviews were posted for Leave In Reconstructor

Heat protector

Posted April 24th 2020 by Vivian

I use this as a heat protector because I am constantly styling my hair! I recommend it

Best one here

Posted April 24th 2020 by Destiny

This is absolutely my favorite product on this site, highly suggest to try this one out!!

Helps to style my hair while protecting it!

Posted April 24th 2020 by Jasmine

Helps to style my hair while protecting it!

Great Styler

Posted April 24th 2020 by Ella

Discovered this product in my cousin's bathroom and it is amazing!!! I had to buy my own bottle.

Love it!!!

Posted April 24th 2020 by Charlotte

I use this each time I style my hair, I love it!!!


Posted March 23rd 2020 by Jewels

Great treatment


Posted March 23rd 2020 by lulu

This is an amazing product! My hair was extremely damaged from thermal reconditioning, heat styling and coloring - it felt (and looked) like straw. I tried many different, high end treatments and products but nothing really helped. I thought the only solution was to have my hair cut short. Then I decided to take a chance and try the Tri Reconstructor. This product has turned my dry, damaged and unmanageable hair around! After about 3 uses, my hair is much healthier - shiny and beautiful. Ladies, if your hair needs help this is unbeatable.


Posted March 23rd 2020 by Queen B

Cheaper on here than in the salons :)


Posted March 23rd 2020 by Sarah

Smells good. Lasts a long time.

#1 in my book

Posted March 23rd 2020 by Katie B

Only thing that detangles my hair!

Try it

Posted May 03rd 2019 by Celeste

Leaves my hair feeling so smooth, love it

No smell

Posted May 03rd 2019 by Hannah

Love how it doesn't smell! By far my favorite product!

Reduces Breakage

Posted May 03rd 2019 by Marti

This product is fantastic! Highly recommend if you're looking for a product that reduces breakage of your hair.

Love it

Posted May 03rd 2019 by Tiffany

Love how this product can also serve as a heat protector. I use it every other day!

Great detangler

Posted May 03rd 2019 by Brenda

I use this product as a detangler, and it works wonders on my hair!

Amazing Product!

Posted March 05th 2019 by Jakey

From the time that I was fourteen I have dyed my hair every single color of the rainbow and then some! Needless to say this took a lot of bleaching and my hair was pretty much dead. I continued to go back to the salon to get it cut just to hopefully restore my hair, but unfortunately my hair was STILL just totally dry and damaged. My hair dresser recommended this product which she actually had in the salon, so I bought it. I should also mention I have curly hair, and as I've grown older I've moved out of the "straight hair is so much better!" phase and grown to accept and love my natural curls. For all of you who don't know what it's like to have curly hair let me sum it up - it's unmanageable, it tangles like you wouldn't believe, it NEEDS to be kept moisturized, and it can get damaged pretty easily. So I began a routine with this product. Every time I was in the shower I would only shampoo my hair, comb it out IN the shower, and when I got out I would spray this reconstructor into my hands, rub them together, and apply the reconstructor liberally to the length of my hair (about from my ears all the way down to the ends). I would comb my hair again, starting at the bottom as you should so you don't snag any tangles and pull/damage your hair. When I worked my way up it would evenly apply the reconstructor through my hair, but by the time I got to the top of my head it wasn't overwhelming heaps of reconstructor in my scalp to make my roots greasy. If you are still worried, rinse your brush in the sink every few brushes to get all of the reconstructor out of the brush. Since I have used this product my hair has literally been restored completely. It is SO soft, my curls are so healthy and bouncy, and my favorite thing about the reconstructor is that it doesn't weigh your hair down at all. Even after you've just applied it your hair feels wonderful, light, full, healthy, and repaired. Enjoy!

Detangles my hair

Posted March 05th 2019 by Janice G. Carr

A wonderful product that removes all tangles in your hair after washing. I can't afford to lose a single strand of hair! Tri packages this product in two different bottles; I cannot tell the difference. If you like it, order several bottles as I am afraid that it is being discontinued.


Posted March 05th 2019 by Heidi Werner

great product, works very well, can't go more then a few days without using it.

Dry and damage hair, this really works

Posted March 05th 2019 by Tina B.

My daughter in the last year, has dyed her hair several times. Her hair is beyond damaged. We used Trydesign leave-in reconstructor daily before styling her hair. If her hair seemed dry, unmanageable by the end of the day, we applied Tridesign leave-in reconstructor to all needed areas once again before bed. Within a week, her hair was repaired, manageable, shinny and soft again.
I recommend this product for simple daily use to rebalance normal hair or to repair severe damaged hair.
Do not cut your hair due to damage, try this first. I highly recommend it!!!

Five Stars

Posted March 05th 2019 by Valentina

love this product as detangler

Great product

Posted February 08th 2019 by St

But why has it been out of stock everywhere... fir months???

definitely recommend!

Posted December 03rd 2018 by Jessica

I was a little skeptical of buying this product because I haven't seen much of it online, but i have been using it for about 3 weeks now and it has already made my hair much stronger. I would definitely reccomend. love it

Good stuff

Posted December 03rd 2018 by Nicole

I just started using this product, and I have to say it does keep my hair soft and smooth. The bottle also lasts for a long time. On the other hand, my hair becomes oily sometimes.

Leave in reconstructor

Posted August 11th 2017 by Theresa

I've been using this product for the last 3 years and have not changed it since.

This product is amazing.

Posted April 17th 2017 by Sharon Kuehne

I bought it just to try and I cannot believe how soft and manageable it had made my hair. The bottle is large and it takes a little lite spray. Awesome stuff.

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