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Finishing Aids

The finishing touch and the final layer of protection in the Structural Balance haircare system. This selection of Structural Balance finishing products allow several finishing choices, if you desire firm but hidden control of the finished hairstyle, or to add light control and a vibrant shine.


These lightweight, advanced formulations will not weigh hair down and wash easily from the hair with no product build-up. Structural Balance finishing products provide the advantage of moisture resistance and flexibility, while Sunflower Extract provides full spectrum UV protection for color treated hair.


A built-in multifunctional, Heat-activated, Thermal Protector seals the cuticle, locking in beneficial ingredients and enhancing shine, while shielding the hair against damage from heat styling while protecting hair color from fading. All Structural Balance products are designed to work together in perfect harmony providing multiple layers of strength and protection resulting in healthy, lustrous, stronger hair that is resistant to haircolor fading and chronic damage.