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Leave In Reconstructor

Now get the Same Product in a New Bottle! Structural Balance Leave In Reconstructor is now known as TRIDESIGN Leave In Reconstructor! From now on you can find this product under the TRIDESIGN line of hair care products: CLICK HERE FOR THE SAME PRODUCT IN A NEW BOTTLE!

The convenient Structural Balance Leave-in Reconstructor spray instantly repairs, strengthens, detangles and moisturizes without weighing hair down or interfering with styling aids.

Structural Balance's Seek and Repair technology delivers moisturizers, conditioners and strengtheners right where they're needed most. Unlike other daily conditioners, it bonds essential ingredients to weak and damaged areas, so they become part of the hair's new, ideally balanced structure. A built-in multifunctional, Heat-activated, Thermal Protector seals the cuticle, locking in beneficial ingredients and enhancing shine, while shielding the hair against damage from heat styling while protecting hair color from fading. Hair is left receptive to all styling aids and styling techniques.