Summer has finally shown up and invited us to the party and, wouldn't you know, it’s a pool par-tayyyy! You’ve packed your suit, your towel and your over-sized unicorn float but before you dive in head first make sure you leave the party with the same hair you came with…aka NOT green…

We know, no one wants to think about it. That’s why we are here to make sure you aren’t soaking your strands in ketchup at the after party.*

The first step to prevention is knowing the deets. So what is it? What actually turns your hair green? Many pale-toned pool-goers think it is the chlorine in a swimming pool that is the culprit. While it certainly does contribute, it is actually the algaecide that is responsible for all the blondies tearing up mid-July. That being said, do not be fooled. If you’re on the guest list for the salt water, kidney shaped oasis, you are not exempt from having Bruce Banner hair. We did. We went there.

Not a towhead? Not so fast…while the build up of chlorine and copper may not be visible on the brunettes, we promise, it’s still in there.

We are here to help make sure that it’s not just he blondes having fun. If your hair is light, dark, colored or natural, wavy, curly or straight, the preventative measures should be taken by all to give your hair the best head start at maintaining its health all season.

How do you prevent your hair from turning green in the pool?

-Before you cannonball into the deep end, we recommend wetting your hair down completely with a natural water source. Use the best conditioner for your hair type and saturate your locks to act as a protective barrier. Because our hair is like a sponge, it is better to soak up natural water as opposed to chlorinated or salt water. The conditioner will act as an additional barrier.

-Spray your hair down with our Leave In Reconstructor, tie it up with a clip or fashion with a scrunchie to match your suit and enjoy your day-long conditioning treatment.

-When you’ve toweled off for the day, hit the showers! Don’t let the chemicals sit on your hair longer than necessary. The best shampoo to wash out chlorine is our Clarifying Shampoo. It has a higher pH and removes any foreign substance in the hair, even chlorine and algaecide. However, this shampoo type is not recommended for daily use. If you're swimming daily, we recommend a swim cap.

What is the best way to remove green from the hair after swimming? Clarify! While there are many DIY methods available, we caution you against many of these as it can cause other problems that you did not sign up for, unlike bringing chips and guac to your next soiree.

If you are green or dry, we recommend contacting a licensed hair professional to help combat the unwanted hues and having them recommend the best TRI Haircare products to keep your hair healthy all year long.

*While many DIY anti-green solutions suggest using ketchup to remove green from your hair, TRI Haircare does not suggest or recommend doing so as a way counteract the green. TRI Haircare cares about your hair and we recommend using any of our products and seeking advice from licensed professionals for “green removal”.