With the fast-paced trends flooding our social media platforms it’s difficult sticking with a sweater long-term so it’s safe to say that influencers and Pinterest and everything in between it’s nearly impossible to stick with hair trends.

Browse through the online clothing blogs and we’ll help you stay current in the hair world without damaging your hair.

How do I keep my hair from being damaged?

- The first step is focus on prevention, not intervention. Find the best Tri Haircare Shampoo and Conditioner for your hair type. Tri offers several combinations for all hair types whether your hair is pin straight, wild and curly, dry, oily or color treated. Because our daily shampoos are pH balanced, you will be keeping the cuticle of your hair shaft closed and naturally in tact.

- Always follow up your regular conditioning routine with our Leave In Reconstructor: the best leave in conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down. Acting as a protective barrier between your hair and the elements, Leave In Reconstructor keeps the hair supple and tangle-free.

- Pamper your hair once a month with a deep conditioning treatment like Keratin Amino Intense Repair, the best conditioning treatment available.


How do I keep my hair healthy while switching between hair colors?

Luckily, hair color has made many advancements from decade to decade and is packed with conditioning agents so color alone will not cause damage for most people with healthy hair. However, frequent, drastic changes can push your hair to its limits if not cared for properly both in salon and at home.

- If you’ve gone bright blonde for summer and are craving a darker overall look for fall, consider that your hair is likely more dry and porous and transitioning to an overall color could potentially leave your hair dry and brittle and leave you dreaming of blonder days. Consider talking to your stylist about a dirty root and lowlights or just a change in the overall blonde tone. Making small changes like these to your bright locks will feel like big change but will leave you in a great position to move back to brighter hair in less time.

- If you’re a dark, rich brunette or even medium brown tone, going pale blonde could take a years worth of lightening sessions and lets be honest; not everyones hair can achieve pale, white or silver blonde tones. Why not see how some face framing balayage can brighten up your overall look? You may enjoy the dimension over a global blonding with a service that won’t take months to achieve.

Once you’ve altered your hair color enough to maintain a fashion-forward look, keep your hair shiny and healthy by maintaining the routine mentioned above. Use hair styling products with natural ingredients to style it and don’t forget to finish your style with the best hairspray for color treated hair : Control and Finishing Mist.