We are finally here, seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. While things may not be exactly the same for a while, we are seeing life reopen slowly. It can only mean one thing: you’re going to have to start doing your hair again…

You’ve babied it. (Okay, let’s just go ahead and call the daily top-knot fashioned on your cranium “babying it”…) At the very least, you’ve given your hair the ultimate hiatus in the styling department. That mixed with a change into warmer months, you’re likely seeing rapid growth and healthier hair than you’ve had in some time! Why? You finally listened to your stylist and put your hot tools down!…or at least turned them down…

How do you maintain the healthy condition you’ve come to love when you have to return to the office, the Doctor appointments or even the small scale social gathering, complete with mask of course?

Let us help you dive back into a routine that will keep your hair strong and your smile BIG.

• Continue to clarify your hair once a week. You know the drill! Clarifying removes foreign substance from the hair that can weigh it down and dull it out. The best Clarifying Shampoo on the market is the one that pays close attention to the quality of ingredients in the packaging!

• When shampooing, remember to only shampoo at the roots/scalp! If you were to put a strand of hair under a microscope you would see that it has texture similar to the scales of a fish. Roughing up the hair shaft during your shampoo routine can cause unnecessary breakage. Always use the best shampoo for your hair. For ugly or wavy hair, choose moisture based. For straight hair, choose protein based. By choosing the correct shampoo for your hair type you’re contributing to your hair what it is naturally lacking which will prevent having to put more effort into styling with hot tools!

• When conditioning, remember to condition from the mid shaft down and rinse leaving slightly filmy….not greasy, just not squeaky clean. If you rinse your conditioner out completely, you’re rinsing out the benefits of a conditioner.

• After towel blotting, use the best detangler available…not only will you be able to detangle with ease, this light formula is good for all hair types and will not weigh down even the finest hair!

• If heat styling is needed, remember to add in the best heat protectant for hair, Aero Heat Shield. A few pumps evenly distributed throughout your hair will add in another layer of protection between your healthy strands and the elements.

• We recommend silk pillowcases for sleeping and loosely braiding longer locks when necessary to keep the rubbing to a minimum.

We know you may be dreading having to get back into a styling routine, but at the very least your hair can be the envy of all of your friends and colleagues!