The crisp fall leaves tumble from the treetops in their glorious range of colors…the sound of Pumpkin Spice Coffee percolating in local shops echoes through the chilly autumn air…ankle boots, plaid scarves and light knit sweaters boast their trendiness from the front windows of the most stylish boutique and it happens…. The uncontrollable feeling that something is missing mocks us, leaving us feeling vulnerable and out of place…and then it hits you...

You MUST go darker with your hair!

You’re saving screenshots and pinning Inspo pics like your life depends on it. It’s all you’re talking about in the break room with your colleagues. In every Hollywood star, you’re seeing it…the hair color that is going to change your life! Immediately you take to the website of your salon and you schedule your hair appointment as fast as you can. You MUST be the trendsetter this year. Your stylist will understand.

You wait for what feels like months. You’re so sick of your blonde hair. Like, how washed out could you even look? You cant believe Becky let you walk around like this. After all, she’s supposed to be your bff. As if. But it’s here. The day you've been waiting for….it’s Makeover Day!

You doll yourself up, you walk into your salon with the most wonderful PSL you’ve ever tasted in your life and you see her….the goddess herself…your stylist. She barely gets out a “hello!” And you’re waving weeks worth of hair color research in front of her face…She’s giggling, she’s shocked, she’s hesitant because after all, “you’re a blonde-aholic, babe” but you insist. This is it. This is the hair color that’s going to change you life. After hours of filling, painting, snipping and styling she spins you around in the chair and you are stunned! “Can this even be me?!” Tears of joy fill your eyes. You can’t wait to sashay your way into the office tomorrow. You must go get new makeup on the way home! She’s done it. She has changed your world.


Those were better days, weren’t they? Yet here you are, on January 84th, dreaming of how bright your blonde used to make you look. Who even are you now? An imposter! How could anyone let you do this?? Why didn’t anyone tell you the upkeep involved with this rich, bold new color that is shades darker than your natural? They remind you; friends, family, colleagues and yes, even your stylist….they tried to talk you out of it. They tried to convince you to just change your toner but you just wouldn’t listen. What will you do now?

As you scramble as fast as you can back to the salon website to schedule yet another marathon hair makeover, you start to recall your caring stylists’ warnings regarding the process of getting back to the blonde.


Its January and you’re already late!

Does this scenario sound all too familiar?

We’ve all been here…in deep regret that follows a major hard makeover that everyone warned us about. But no fear! We are here to help you get back to the blonde you love in the safest way possible for your hair.

Once you’ve made the decision that going back to blonde is the only option, its best to take the following into consideration:

1. Know that it is going to take a series of appointments. Going lighter is not a 2-hour appointment. It’s a commitment not only to regularly scheduled appointments, but to some unwanted tones between phase 1 and the goal.

2. Be Realistic. Know that if you were man-made blonde before, and don’t worry…well never tell anyone, just because you’ve colored over it does not mean your blonde has just gone away. The previously lightened hair is still there lurking beneath your autumn-painted hues and great care needs to be taken to lift, or lighten, your hair color out of those formerlyblonde strands.

3. Prepare. The best thing you can do ahead of time to insure your hair is in the best possible condition for the process is to take care of your hair at home with the best shampoo for color processed hair….Tri Haircare’s pH balanced shampoo will help to maintain an in-tact cuticle, putting your hair in the best position for lightening.

4. Be Diligent. Weekly treatments are a must. Yes, even ahead of time. The better position you put your hair in before your color makeover, the happier you, and your hair, will be. We suggest a deep conditioning treatment for blonde hair, such as Keratin Amino Intense Repair. Made with the highest quality ingredients, this conditioning treatment can easily be done at home to give you salon-quality results. Simply apply conditioner after washing, apply a shower cap and let sit for 20-30 minutes. Paint your nails, dream about your new color and rinse.

5. Low Heat. We know… it’s tempting to curl, straighten and blow out your locks for the office and a night out, but keep those tools on low! Want extra insurance? Aero Heat Shield is a great heat protectant for colored hair. Spray on damp hair and blow out on low heat.

6. Be Patient. Your hair will treat you best when you treat it best. So be prepared for multiple appointments. Don’t beg your stylist to push your hair beyond its limits or you’ll be begging her for a wig.

7. Embrace Each Phase. Have fun with your in-between colors. Grab some accessories, find new ways to pin it up and most importantly, stick to quality, TRI Haricare Products in the process!

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