We’ve all been there…nowhere to go, no one to see and you have the most fabulous hair day. But venture out to the grocery store where you’ll undoubtedly run into your ex, or land an interview for your dream job and your hair will humble you. We care about you…so before you order a full disguise or go completely into hiding, here are some easy, Professional hair secrets that you can use at home for life’s most important moments and milestones.

• When your hair is too clean…

Remember back when you dreaded skipping a wash day? You washed it everyday faithfully as if your life depended on it. You couldn’t risk the grease. Then your stylist educated you on skipping a day here and there and like magic…she was correct. Now you can go days without a shampoo and you aren’t sure what to do with all of your extra time. Who would have thought that you would come to dread hair wash day because your hair is just too clean?!

If you struggle to get volume and style the same day you shampoo your locks, have no fear. We have the ultimate solution. Dry Shampoo has been all the rage lately to stretch your non- wash days but what if we were to tell you that the best Dry Shampoo for all hair types could actually help give your hair the same 2nd-day hair texture we’ve all come to know and love?

Aero Dry Shampoo can help your squeaky clean, volume-lacking hair. After drying completely, simply take 1 inch sections throughout your crown and spray a small amount at the root. Not only will it create texture, it will help to absorb tomorrows oils! No, we’re not joking.


• When your flyaways are mocking you…

It happens without warning. It can be as soon as you’re finished drying and setting or it can happen because you couldn’t resist driving on a gorgeous day with your sunroof open.

Flyaways can be a real downer. Make sure you’re prepared with Fashion Mousse. While most people look to hair mousse for volume, use this pro tip to turn the volume down on your flyaways:

Once your hair is completely dry throughout, shake up your Fashion Mousse and spray a very small amount on your bathroom counter, creating a small dollop. With a fine tooth comb, dip the teeth of your comb vertically into the mousse. Run the comb from your part line down and watch your flyaways disappear! It’s not magic but it feels that way.

Don’t forget to set your style with everyones favorite hairspray for all day, moveable hold; Aerogel…available in retail and travel size!

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