We know it is not even officially spring. We know you’re ready for summer getaways. We know you’re already going lighter in preparation of warmer months. The beginning of March ushers in Spring Break season and vacation packages are flooding your inboxes…There’s never been a better time to prepare your hair for the intense rays and salty air you’ll no doubt be basking in just a short time from now. This week we’ll share some ideas to help you maintain your healthy locks.

The ocean is roaring, the breeze tickling your warm skin while you sip your frozen beverage from beneath your palapa. You have on your adorable bikini and cover up, your bag packed with the essential sunscreen and SPF lip balm…but what are doing with your blonde strands? They aren’t being protected beneath the oversized rim of the straw hat with the embroidered cheeky phrase you ordered last week because that is tucked under your chaise… (Don’t worry, no one realizes how big they are at first).. So what can you do? Whether the beach or the pool is your preference, here’s an easy guide for keeping your mane tame.

Pre-Treat… Prior to lounging outside beneath the warm rays, consider wetting your hair down with a natural water source. Flooding your strands with fresh water will prevent harsher salt or chlorinated water from seeping in! This is especially necessary for chlorinated water as the algaecide in pools will likely turn your blonde green! Since it's likely to be a day of relaxation, why not multitask by using the best leave in conditioner for all hair types as a conditioning treatment? Our lightweight Leave In Reconstructor is excellent for coarse or fine hair and will condition while you get sun-kissed! Simply wet down your hair and spray generously throughout. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle. Fashion conscious? Brave a braid like this one by Bellucci Salon @belluccisalon…


The After Party… When the sun goes down, the party may not be over, but it’s always a good idea to prepare for round 2. Once you’re out of the sun, we recommend using the very best clarifying shampoo available…high pH and quality ingredients are packed into TRI Clarifying Shampoo. This shampoo contains a chelating agent that removes foreign substance from the hair, aka chlorine, which can affect how your hair accepts color and behaves later on. Because this shampoo purposely has a higher pH, we recommend using once per week. As always, follow up your shampoo with the best conditioner for your hair type: protein based for straight hair and moisture based for wavy to curly hair.

Weekly Maintenance… Whether summer partying is a regular thing or a week-long treat, it’s best to have a maintenance routine to keep your hair at its best even before indulging in activities that could wreak havoc…We recommend an intense hair treatment once a week during the summer. The best conditioning treatment is available for at-home use with our Keratin Amino Intense Repair. With the finest ingredients on the market, this concentrated formula can be applied to damp hair and left on for 30 minutes for super silky results!

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