We love to keep things light and jovial around here. We’re as honest and real as the products we provide. In these times of uncertainty when so many are concerned with how to get through the day and far less with The Top Hair Trends for Spring , let’s focus on how to take care of ourselves first so that we may be better equipped to help those around us.

When we are not physically well, when we are sick, when we are recovering or healing or even in times of intense stress, the body goes through much energy just trying to function as normal as possible. While we are not medical professionals, nor can we offer medical advice, what we do know is that our hair can suffer a great deal when in these circumstances. From being dull and lifeless to actual hair loss, stress can manifest through our manes. ..*gasp!*…not that too! … While we cannot control our physiological response, we do have the tools to focus on what we can control; Self-care. For some self-care is reading a book or going for a jog, relaxing with music or cleaning our homes. We would love to see everyone practicing more of this self love over the next few weeks and the best part is, it is easier than ever to include caring for our hair in our self-care routines!

• Make sure, if you’re able, to stock up on the necessities for your hair. If you cannot manage the extras, we cannot stress enough the importance of a quality shampoo! We recommend moisture based shampoos for wavy or curly hair and protein based shampoo or volumizing shampoo for straight hair. As always, pH matters. Keep the hair’s cuticle in tact by choosing a TRI Design pH balanced shampoo.

• Clarifying your hair once a week will keep foreign substances like caffeine, nicotine and hair product out. With the best clarifying shampoo with quality ingredients you’ll keep your hair a clean, blank canvas.

• Baby your locks by trying a special treatment during your more lengthy self-care routines. For the best conditioning treatment, we recommend applying Keratin Amino Intense Repair to washed hair, placing a shower cap over your head and taking an extra moment to read a book, vacuum your house or whatever makes you feel organized and relaxed! The time will pass anyway so why not tend to your hair in the process??! Rinse the treatment out and apply a good leave in conditioner for all hair types.. Leave In Reconstructor will not leave your hair heavy but easy to detangle and is the perfect way to protect your hair from the added stress of hot styling tools like curling irons and everyday blow drying!

—We hope everyone stays happy and well—