Today on the blog, we're spotlighting some of our favorite stylists across the globe who have tapped into the power of Instagram to share their work. Here's a peek at the MOST LOVED posts this month!

Shades of Pink & Peach

Stylist Liz Paola created a curly balayage, painted sunset red with @wellahair free lights. She unlocked her client's magical curly hair and eliminating frizz with Tri Haircare Leave in Reconstructor and finish the look with our most popular product, the effervescent Aerogel.

Beautiful Believable Blonde

Another impressive style comes from Liz Paola, who mastered the look of natural blonde for her client Trina. It's taken several sessions to transform her hair from bland brown to a beautiful believable blonde! Paola alternated between half head and full head hair paints, and used @wellahair Freelights, 30vol higher up and 7vol on the mids and ends.

"I always prep using @trihaircare reconstructor to even out porosity before and after," says Paola.

Trina understands that getting the perfect look takes a little bit of time, and that makes all the difference in the world!

Color Correction: Brassy Golden to Soft Glow

Stylist Sara Vincent shares an amazing transformation. Her client arrived with an ashy natural dark root and golden color from outgrowth to about 3" out. She didn't mind being rooted but didn't want it to be dragged out that far. Since her skin has a lot of pink undertones, Sara decided to cool down the golden color a bit. She broke it up with baby lights and an ashy toner between, then waved her ✨MAGIC✨ wand and applied a secret technique after processing to marry the tones. Since the expectation for her client was to correct the color and get to an even ground, they landed in a a great place while she decides on what she wants to do moving forward.

Sara used @trihaircare products for the prep and finish.

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