3 Most Loved Instagram Posts this Month

May 30th 2017

Today on the blog, we're spotlighting some of our favorite stylists across the globe who have tapped into the power of Instagram to share their work. Here's a peek at the MOST LOVED posts this month!Shades of Pink & Peach Stylist Liz Paola cr...
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Giveaway: Smooth Hair Straightener Serum!

Feb 13th 2017

Salon owner, ABCH Color Specialist, VP of Education and much more, Brenda shows us the result of transforming her client's hair from curly and frizz-prone to soft, shiny and sleek straight hair using Tri Haircare's Smooth Hair Straightene...
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Tri Hair Tips

Jan 12th 2017

Continuing with our Tri Hair Tips Series, Liz explains how Tri's Moisture Conditioner works with curly hair.Did you miss the original Tri Hair Tips post? We're giving away one of our favorite products to give you a fresh start this New Year. The...
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Hair Tips with Top Stylists // New Year's Giveaway

Jan 1st 2017

Hair Tips with Top Stylists // New Year's Giveaway The New Year is here! Which means a bounty of 2017 beauty trends are headed your way. So, to kick off this fab new season, we have been working on something extra special for our style-fei...
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Tri Hair: Christmas Updo Inspiration with AskMags.com

Dec 19th 2016

Today we have the phenomenal Ask Mags with AskMags.com joining us on our blog to talk Christmas hair trends. She'll also be sharing a video tutorial to teach you how to get a quick and easy Christmas updo ~ so you can look like the be...
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